If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy some music wherever you go, put a Bluetooth speaker on your shopping list. The question is, which one do you choose? That’s where things get tricky. You can find Bluetooth speakers that sound great. You can find Bluetooth speakers that are durable. You can even find Bluetooth speakers that are affordable. But manufacturers often treat these as separate categories. At best, you can pick two. Something that is durable and sounds great won’t be cheap. Something that is cheap and durable won’t sound great. The good news is that we’re constantly moving towards a happy medium. Every year, technology gets a little better. And manufacturers find new ways to improve the performance while cutting costs. The AOMAIS Sport II caught our attention because it appears to excel in all three categories, which is something we rarely come across. Is this little-known speaker one of those hidden gems that outperform name-brand hardware? Or is it just another gimmick?

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Design & Build Quality

AOMAIS Sport II - Design

The design of the Sport II is simply top-notch. It is certified IPX7 waterproof which means that you can fully submerge it in water for up to one-meter depth without any issues. The speaker is also designed to be extremely solid and durable, and will not be damaged even if you accidentally drop it. The entire exterior of the speaker is constructed with smooth rubber which absorbs any impact on the speaker and the speaker has a very sleek and modern-looking appearance. That being said, the speaker does feel a little heavy around 21 ounces, which makes it one of the heavier outdoor Bluetooth speakers on this list. The speaker also comes with a well-written instruction manual, auxiliary cable for non-Bluetooth music sources, and a standard USB charging cord.

Sound Quality

AOMAIS Sport II - Sound Quality

Right off the bat, there are several design features that put this speaker at an advantage over other models. For starters, you’ve got the size. The larger a speaker is, the more air that the drivers can move. But this has been improved by protecting the drivers from wind, ensuring that they sound good even outdoors. Thanks to a carefully designed cavity in the back, the air is channeled in such a way that there is minimal vibration, improving clarity.

What does this all mean in the end? In simple terms, the speaker sounds much bigger than it actually is. You get the same kind of power and presentation as a full-size house speaker. The one difference is that this particular speaker is mono. There are two drivers on the front, but these each handle different frequencies. One takes the mid-range, while the other takes the bass. This is great for clarity of sound, but not ideal if you want the full stereo experience. The one alternative is to buy two speakers, as they can pair together to create stereo sound. This might not be the best option for everyone, but it’s a feature that’s gaining popularity.

The overall sound signature is very energetic and engaging. It would work best for pop, rock, or electronic music. But it’s still balanced enough to play anything you desire.

Battery Life

AOMAIS Sport II - Battery Life



Battery life is typically an element that is compromised in smaller Bluetooth speakers. After all, you can only fit so much battery into a unit that is so small and especially if you want to maintain a weight that can be considered ‘portable’. In the case of the AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Speaker, the battery is rated at 1,800 mAh and is expected to offer in the region of 10 hours of continuous playback before needing to be recharged again. During testing, this seemed to be a very reliable yardstick to go by. Although the speaker was never fully running for 10 hours continuously, it seemed very difficult to purposely drain the battery out in any one sitting. Which did greatly lead to the assumption an all-day level of usage was easily achievable with the AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Speaker.


When we talk about its connectivity, and already seen in the general performance section, there is very little to launch scathing criticism of the AOMAIS Sport 2+ Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker indeed offers a very reliable and stable Bluetooth connectivity and never disconnected itself during the testing period. The Bluetooth 4.0 up-gradation allows you to expect a connection up to 100 ft away from the streaming device and this is perhaps one of the domains where the speaker can be bettered as a stuttering connection became more frequent under the recommended 100 ft distance. While not less, it was undoubtedly less robust at far-off ranges, compared to other devices. However, within a radius of 75 feet of the speaker, you will likely be confronted with no issues at all with the connection, and it is stable and dependable at close vicinities.


In conclusion, the AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Speaker is one which does offer very good value for money. This is not the best Bluetooth speaker in the world, but it certainly does perform effortlessly. A lot of Bluetooth speakers which adopt such a small size can suffer in terms of volume and this is not the case with the AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Speaker. Which does mean that if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker which is fairly loud, performs well, offers a reliable short-distance connection, and is also designed to be able to withstand the elements – then the AOMAIS Sport II Bluetooth Speaker is certainly worth checking out. Especially as it is priced at under $50 and includes a free inflatable bed for the speaker.



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