Being a gentleman is not all about being well-dressed he wears (though that shouldn’t be overlooked) but also about being polite, respectful, and more things! In this post, we‘ve put together the must-have tips for being a true gentleman on a male blog, but remember that these also apply to the ladies out there! Apply these to your everyday life whenever possible and enjoy knowing that you are truly a gentleman. How to become the perfect gentleman in seven stips…

A gentleman always keeps his cool

Gentleman always keep his cool
How to become the perfect gentleman

How to become the perfect gentleman- A gentleman is a man of class, and nothing shows class more than levelheadedness. He does not lose his cool over an accidental coffee spill on his shirt, a slightly mischievous child, or a minor delivery error. He knows the value of patience and the danger of impulsive outbursts. Truly, a gentleman is a master of composure.

A gentleman helps any woman with her baggage

When a gentleman spots another person — man, woman, young, elderly — struggling with something heavy, they help them with it. It could be in an airport, a train station, the stairwell in your building. Wherever. Just drop whatever you’re doing (and whatever you’re holding) and ask them if they want some assistance.

A gentleman always RSVPs

You should never, ever leave your nearest and dearest hanging. Reply promptly, whether it’s a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. If someone has been good enough to invite you, you should be good enough to reply. Oh, and if you can make it, be sure to bring the party when you arrive…

Be a man of an action person

Be a man of an action person

A gentleman lets his actions, not his words, define him. If he decides to do something, he does not merely utter the fact; he executes it. If he says that he will take care of his sister’s cat, then he will take care of it with all his heart, and if he says that he will build his dog a house, then he’ll work his hardest to give that pup the doghouse it deserves. Empty words are not a part of a gentleman’s dictionary.

Family comes first

Make sure to always put your family first if there’s something going on. Maybe a member of your family or your girlfriend is feeling ill – if so, offer to help them out and look after them. Your efforts really will be greatly appreciated.

If you and your group of stags are looking to enjoy the ultimate sophisticated experience, then you’ll love our gentleman’s afternoon tea! It’s a unique stag activity and takes a manly spin on the classic afternoon tea experience that the ladies love so much. Instead of dining on delicate cakes, you’ll all get to enjoy sandwiches, pork pies (locally sourced of course), pickled onions, crisps and a delicious beer to wash it all down with!

A gentleman never judges

Fast judgments say more about the person making them than those being judged. As the old adage goes: never judge a book by its cover — but rather hold your opinions for when you’re a couple of illuminating chapters in…

A gentleman always Empathize

A gentleman always Empathize

Empathy is the ultimate weapon of a gentleman! He can put himself into the shoes of other people, allowing him to be more understanding and compassionate. A gentleman will not lose temper at the waiter who accidentally spills his order for he knows how tiring it can get to serve customers for hours on end, nor will he act out his anger toward a call center agent because he/she is not the one to blame and is only doing his/her job. A gentleman is aware that everyone carries baggage, so he does not want to add any more unnecessary weight.

Own up to your mistakes

Gentlemen are not perfect; they too commit mistakes. However, what they do not do is find excuses for the mistakes they make. If a gentleman fails to accomplish something, acknowledges his lacking, apologizes for it, and does what he can to rectify the situation. More importantly, he does not blame others for the mistakes he made; he owns it, and he owns it entirely.

Chivalrous, but not sexist

There is nothing wrong with chivalry. A gentleman should remain courteous and ready to help out people in need, but his actions must always be motivated by nonsexist intentions. It is admirable for a gentleman to open the door, pull the seat, or escort his lady. However, a gentleman does these things because he respects, loves, and cares for his partner—not because he wants to uplift his ego arising from his gender. At the end of the day, the gentleman knows that he must preserve chivalry, not chauvinism or sexism.


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