Is stress damaging your relationship? You may not be able to stop the stressors in your life or your partner’s life, but you can help prevent them from overflowing and harming your relationship. Here are evidence-based Simple Ways to Deal With Stress in Relationships.

Remember take care of yourself

Remember take care of yourself

Stress can create a vicious cycle—we don’t sleep as well, don’t have time to exercise or eat well, and in turn, our bodies don’t have what they need to fight off the negative effects of stress. We’ve all had those weeks where we felt so overwhelmed we stopped taking care of ourselves.

The problem is that without sleep, exercise, or nutritious food it’s like sending soldiers into war without weapons. When we are feeling stressed we need our bodies to be in fighting shape more than ever. So even when you don’t feel like you have time, make it a priority to sleep, exercise, and eat healthy food. Your stressor won’t have gone away but you’ll feel better able to cope after a good meal, a walk, and a good night of sleep.

Find the lesson

Whatever you are going through right now may make you or break you. Do you want to grow from the experience, or will you allow it to destroy you? It is only you who can make this decision. Make this experience a life lesson for you, and do not forget the takeaways you got!


Simple ways to Deal With Stress in Relationships

No matter how tough the times are for both of you, remember to connect several times a day. Both of you do not mind readers, so find time to be on the same page. Start and end each day with hugs and kisses even if you do not feel like it. Kissing triggers the production of love hormones. This hormone gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling of love, safety, and trust. Once you start this daily habit, all the loving feelings will follow.

Be kind

Try to de-escalate the situation you are in by practicing empathy and forgiveness. Apologize for your actions and attitude, and your partner will appreciate it. Recognize that you are not alone in this situation. This not about you. Your partner is hurting too. Try to understand where your partner is coming from. Past experiences may have influenced his actions that you are not aware of.

Get to know his love language as well. Is it through time, acts of service, gifts, touch, or words of affirmation? Find out and practice it.

Support each other

Simple ways to Deal With Stress- The more support people get from their partners, the less stress spills over and harms the relationship. You can do this by being responsive when your partner talks about their stress and by providing your partner with instrumental (taking care of household chores) and emotional (listening to them complain) support. And make sure to ask for support when you need it. We aren’t all mind-readers, especially if we are stressed ourselves.

Communicate effectively

Communicate effectively

Men and women communicate differently. Share your feelings and concerns with your partner. Expect that some conversations may be difficult but remember to show care throughout. Talk to him sweetly and respectfully. Recognize the facts, actively listen and objectively evaluate the outcomes of any decisions you will make.

Make time for positive moments

Just as you need to boost your own positive emotions, having more positive experiences as a couple can help buffer against the negative moments that are inevitable when one or both of you is really stressed. Again, this doesn’t need to be something time-consuming that will cause more stress. Just take the time to share positive memories over dinner, watch a comedy show together, go on an evening walk after dinner, or forward your partner the funny news articles you read during the day. These tasks not only lift your mood but also help you stay connected.

Get Some Perspective

Get Some Perspective

Despite your stress now, even if it is completely and totally because of and directed at your partner, you know your relationship isn’t all bad. The important thing to do is to remember this perspective early on and try to keep it.

Too often, when things are feeling stressful, we start to feel like it’s all bad, all the time. But this is almost never the case. (And if it is, you should be thinking about how to get out of your relationship, not about how to deal with the stress within the relationship.)


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