Rajasthan is a place on most people’s wish list due to its vast history and culture that touches it. Dotted with lavish fortresses and palaces, the sights in Rajasthan are among the most popular tourist destinations in India. Bundi is one of those places and here is the top of The best places to visit in Bundi in 2022. Go through the same details and know exactly what this place has to offer. If anyone has ever perfectly portrayed the beauty of the town of Bundi attractions, it is him. Home to classical architecture and ancient art, this town really has the power to amaze you and enrich your Rajasthan trip. So if you’ve been to Jaipur, Udaipur, or Jaisalmer and are looking for another breathtaking gem in the golden state, the Bundi is the place to go!

Lake Jait Sagar –  A Picturesque Place

Lake Jait Sagar –  A Picturesque Place

Surrounded by the hills and home to beautiful lotus flowers, this lake gives picturesque views and is truly one of its kind. From witnessing a large number of migratory birds around to soaking in the serenity of the place, there’s a lot that you can do here for an impeccable evening in Bundi. It is one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan.

Moti Mahal

One of the matchless tourist places in Bundi Rajasthan, this palace is steeped in history and offers gorgeous views of the Aravallis and the Nawal Sagar Lake. Built by Maharao Raja Bhao Singh in 1645, the fort was later strengthened and extended.
The subsequent rulers added steep stepwells and gardens that continue to pull visitors even today. Brilliant mirror works embellish the interiors of the palace. Rumour has it that when it was first built, 80 pounds of gold was used in its beautification, along with expensive marbles. A massive Shiva temple near the fort is another major draw.

Nawal Sagar Lake

Situated at the heart of the town, this lake is a unique attraction among Bundi tourist places and shows the reflection of the entire city. Tourists flock to this lake for this unmatched view. At its centre, the square, artificial lake has a half-submerged temple dedicated to Lord Varuna, the Hindu God of water. Several step-wells surround the lake, and it was the primary source of water for those wells. Today, it offers a peaceful ambience to spend quality time with loved ones.

Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary

Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary

This sanctuary in Bundi is home to different species of flora and fauna. Leopard, sambar, wild boar, chinkara, sloth bear, Indian wolf, hyena, and fox are some of the animals that can be found easily in the sanctuary. Without a doubt, it is one of the best yet not that famous wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan. Besides all the grand forts & palaces, this sanctuary is also a place that you must surely visit during your Rajasthan trip for adding a little adventure to your vacation.

Dhabhai Kund

Another superb specimen of stepped wells, the most striking feature of the places to visit in Bundi, Dhabhai Kund is a dramatic piece of architecture. The symmetric steps, counting more than 700, are an engineering marvel. The geometric construction has elaborate carvings, typical of ancient Rajasthan’s structural design. If you climb down the staircase, you can reach the water level below. Outside the Chauhan Gate, the twin step wells of Nagar Sagar Kund are located.

Taragarh Fort

Famous among the best places to visit in Bundi as the first hillside fort in the country, this extensive bastion was built in 1354. This massive 1426-foot high construction has three entrances marked by imposing gateways engraved with elephants.

Inside, you can explore gigantic reservoirs carved out of the rock and the Rani Mahal dedicated to queens. The largest battlement called Bhim Burj features a huge cannon seat called ‘Garbha Gunjan’ or the ‘Thunder from the Womb’. The fort also contains several tunnels used to escape from enemies in ancient times.

Bundi Palace

Bundi Palace
The best places to visit in Bundi

Bundi is one of the top 10 places to visit in Bundi. This palace is one of the important tourist attractions in Bundi known for its tremendous natural beauty. The palace possesses both cultural and historical significance, which will help you get a sight of the town’s lifestyle and traditions. No doubt, this is one of the greatest sites to visit in Bundi, especially if you’re a history lover.



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