Itaewon in Seoul is a hot spot for foreigners. When walking around, you won’t have the feeling of being in Korea because the bustling streets are filled with foreign food restaurants, foreign bars, foreign markets, and more. With us read on to find out The Best Things to Do in Itaewon, Seoul in this monster’s Itaewon blog post!

Namsangol Hanok Village

Namsangol Hanok Village

You can get a feel of traditional Korean culture at Namsangol Hanok Village. It is not located in Itaewon but is nearby on the other side of Namsan mountain.
Over here, you will find traditional Korean houses, exhibits of Korean craftwork, and traditional Korean games such as tuho (arrow throwing), neolttwigi (seesaw jumping), and yutnori (traditional board game).

Take a walk through the Namsan Botanical Garden

Rich in both its flora and fauna, a walk through the trails of Namsan Bontanical Garden is worth your time.

Representing all the rainbow colors, this park is a package in itself. During the autumn season, the park plays a host to a number of events that take place under the shadow of the pink and red leaves of the season.

The month of April is most ideal for a walk around the Cherry Blossom Path, the longest trail in this park, during which the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival takes place.

Not just this, the park also has other attractions such as the Namsan Tower and the Namsan Cable Car through which one can enjoy an aerial view of the beauty hidden in this place.

Pay your respects at The Itaewon Mosque

Pay your respects at The Itaewon Mosque

Also known as the Seoul Central Masjid, this Mosque was built somewhere around the early 20th century. This is the biggest and the first masjid in the city of Seoul and the shops surrounding the mosque have a middle-eastern touch to them as the mosque is situated amidst the Muslim street of Itaewon.
The kind of shops, restaurants, and cafes in the area makes one feel as if it’s a different city altogether making the Mosque a common attraction amongst the tourists and even the locals.

N Seoul Tower

One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the N Seoul Tower! This 236 meters tall communication tower provides broadcasting signals for several Korean media stations. Make sure you buy tickets from Klook because you will be able to save 50% off the original price.
The view was awesome! We had wonderful views both from the cable car and the base of the tower. We visited at night so we got to see the beautiful night skyline of Seoul. The whole city was lighted up in a vibrant display of colors.

War Museum Of Korea

War Museum Of Korea
The Best Things to Do in Itaewon

Technically this is not part of Itaewon, but as it lies just on the edge and is a must-go when in Seoul, so it was added to this guide on what to see in Itaewon.

The War Memorial museum opened in 1994 and exhibits materials related to the Korean War. There are more than 33 000 items of all sizes on display indoor and outdoor. Each exhibition hall has its own theme: Memorial Hall, War History, Korean War, Expeditionary Forces, ROK Armed Forces, Big Equipment, and the outside exhibition area.

Enjoy at the Itaewon Global Village Festival

Continuing the legacy since 2002, the Itaewon Global Village Festival takes place in the month of October every year. This festival has become a cultural hub that annually attracts a dense crowd from places across the world.

The most interesting events organized during the festival include Food exhibitions, street performances, cultural activities representing different countries, etc.

Take a break at Passion 5 and Softree Ice Cream

Take a break at Passion 5 and Softree Ice Cream

The Passion 5 Bakery and Café is much loved by the locals of Itaewon for the heavenly pastries this place serves. This place offers varieties of pastries, jarred desserts, and different kinds of eclairs to choose from.

The Softree Ice Cream is known for its unique style of serving an ice cream along with a toasted loaf of bread adding to the divine flavor of the ice cream.

Weird as it may sound, the combination has been tried and tested by chefs across the world and much loved by all of them. These two cafés should be on your list of things to do in Itaewon if you have a sweet tooth and crave sugar all the time. This is The Best Things to Do in Itaewon.


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